Friday, December 14, 2007

My Cool Bro

Ever since I was a little my older brother, Tony, was somewhat of a hero to me. My younger bro and I idolized him. 9 years older than me, everything he did (and still does) was something to be emulated. Some of my favorite things that were Tony-inspired include bleu cheese salad dressing, the art of making a mix tape, and most of all, my love for good music. If Tony is listening to it, it means it must be worth listening to. Now, he's a minor celebrity in Minneapolis as a DJ for a Sat afternoon radio show, which is only fitting. Now he introduces his listeners, both on the FM dial and web-streaming, to incredible mixes of all kinds of music that you should be listening to.

As a cancer survivor and recoverer of open-heart surgery, Tony is still one of my heroes. Here's to you DJ Fly. Keep rockin'!

You can catch Tony's show online Saturdays from 2-4pm(MST) at:

You can also hear him on the MPR podcast "Musicheads".


The Hosh said...

this is one of the most exciting days of my life.

Mark Thomas said...

You do have good taste in music, except for a certain group who will remain nameless. Otherwise I don't think we will clash much musically.

Teresa said...

hoshi, i'm so glad to make an exciting day in your life.

mark, i fear this band thing, which will remain nameless, is the tip of a very scary iceberg. a member of this unnamed band, Martin Gore, helped to form another british new wave band, Yaz (commonly known as Yazoo across the pond). how do you feel about Yaz? (i'm crossing my fingers here, pickles...)