Saturday, December 29, 2007

More of Derek's First Christmas

Have you been waiting with baited breath? I thought so. Here's some more of Derek's 1st Christmas.

More of Derek in that "Winnie the Pooh" hat and booties set. Couldn't you just eat him??? (I mean that figuratively. I would never condone baby cannibalism. I have always spoken against that.)

Silas is very good with babies. He'll sit there and talk to Derek. It's really very cute.
Kisses from Uncle Owy!

Okay, this picture doesn't have any Derek in it, but the nephews wanted Guitar Hero so bad, that they were just so happy about it.

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Tony Lopez said...

They are my cousins! And they got guitar hero! That is so cool. I can't wait to play it with you guys when I see you!