Thursday, December 27, 2007

Derek's First Christmas

My baby boy's first Christmas went a little like this....

Jenny-O gave him this great "Winnie the Pooh" hat and booties set. Holy crap, this kid is cute!!!

Once he learns how to use these toys - he's going to think they're pretty awesome. He'll learn how to use them any day now.... he's incredibly brilliant. I know most moms think that of their kids, but in this case, it's absolutely true.
Hanging with the cousins. He's smiling at his Titi Lindsey. He's a big fan of hers.
Abuelita loves her Derek calendar. They'll be hitting the store shelves soon, I'm sure. They're going to be in high demand. I mean, who wouldn't want this kid to keep track of their days.
More to come... stay tuned.....

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