Friday, January 4, 2008

History in the Making

Disclaimer: The following post is in no way a stance on the writer's political view. This is not an endorsement of any particular candidate. She neither confirms or denies her affiliation with either party. This post is meant to be solely a commentary on recent events in the news. The writer is purposely ambiguous regarding her political views as she is a people-pleaser and would not like to make anyone dislike her on either side of the spectrum. In fact, if you want to criticize her for anything, criticize her for the fact that she refuses to take on any political discussion other than the occasional lecture at her husband who has to love her because he promised to. She'll also talk to people that appear to have the same politics as her, but still very tentatively. She doesn't want to be unpopular. She wants to be your friend. Please be her friend.

We could very well see our first African American president.


Mark Thomas said...

I occurs to me that the chasm between this statement being true on a face-value level and it being true with regard to Obama is very wide.

Teresa said...

let me shorten the chasm for ya. is is possible that in my lifetime i will see an african american president? probably. but i am referring to obama. this is the closest that an african american as come to being commander in chief. if he beats out hillary for the democratic ticket, he's got a solid chance. again, this is in no way reflects the way i will vote in november. i neither confirm or deny my support for obama. please be my friend. we're still friends, right?

Mark Thomas said...

I honestly think Obama has no chance. He will definitely beat Hillary as she's floundering now and people pretty much hate her.

All that aside I've listened to a lot of liberal talk radio and talked to my liberal family members and it seems like they all hate both Hillary and Obama. Oddly enough there is quite a bit of support for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul could never win either. But it definitely gives us something to think about.

Teresa said...

i saw an interview with ron paul on the daily show and he would definitely be a change from the status quo. he placates to no one. maybe that's what we're looking for today in our society. don't tell me what you think i want to hear. as a candidate, i need to trust that you know what you're doing and not what you think i think you should be doing. if i knew that much, I'D be running for president.

The Hosh said...

dont ever say R#$ P**! on your blog again, not even in the comments section. EVER.