Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year (sniff, cough, wheeze...)

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and I've been laying in our spare bed watching tv all day. What a way to start the new year. Good thing TNT has been having an all day Law & Order marathon. So, even when I drift off to sleep, I have Law & Order-induced dreams. Ahhh, sweet dreams of murders and courtrooms. You know, I've decided that people who invest so much time into watching this show should really be given an honorary law degree. Incidentally, I feel the same way about ER and being a doctor. In the very least, I could be a online tv personality giving my opinion on important court cases. I could also be an expert witness or some sort of forensic detective. I'm really willing to take my vast knowledge of tv law and medicine in any direction. I'm flexible. I'll be awaiting job offers. While I wait, I'll continue my law education this evening laying on this bed (sniff, sniff, cough, sneeze, wheeze....)

Other decisions I've made today, Detective Lenny Briscoe (played by the late great Jerry Orbach - also known as the dad who put Baby in the corner) is one of the greatest tv characters of all time.

Hey, there's another job - I could also use my vast knowledge of tv pop culture (otherwise known as useless knowledge) to do.... just about anything really. Game show host, trivia card writer, tv host on Entertainment Tonight. Again, awaiting offers.

And finally, here's a pic of all you Derek-fans. Happy 3-month birthday, mi querido.


Mark Thomas said...

You must sneak up on him a lot. He always looks surprised!

Teresa said...

he's actually very camera shy. he'll be smiling at us and we put a camera in his face and his eyes get wide and his face goes deadpan. but the idea that we sneak up on him and yell "surprise!" is pretty funny.

The Hosh said...

awesome. completely awesome. I will send you a honorary law degree.

Judi said...

YES! I was thinking the same thing while I was sick watching Law & Order: CI (I caught the CI version on New Year's eve though - it was awesome!)I am completely qualified to investigate, solve and try any murduring mastermind - BRING IT ON!