Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Derek, Derek, Derek... we could all use more of Derek!

Paul and I got this awesome gift from his boss of a picture frame to capture each month of our child's first year. His full name is printed across the top. So, every month on the 1st, we take a bunch of pics of him. We choose one to add to the collage. This month's pics were awesome! Here's what I mean....


More of the awesomeness
The most awesome-est of all

But, we chose this one. For the sake of our son not hating us for choosing incredibly goofy pics of him and showing them off on the wall to all of his friends and future girlfriends. But, let's be honest, the awesome-osity that our son exudes can be seen in this pic as well.


Tiffany said...

Did he pose for those awesome pictures? They look a little posed to me.

Josh Mickelson said...

hahaha. what a character.

Tony Lopez said...

He's got a perfectly round head and looks just like his Uncle Tony!
And, Minnie, too. (Minnie made me say that--he looks like me!)